Interior Car Cleaning Calgary, AB

Basic cleaning + vents, UV protection on door panels, dash, and leather seats, clean door jams, upholstery and carpet shampooing, and trunk.$89.99 – $109.99 (Depending on vehicle size.)With service, we offer windshield washer fluid top up (up to 4 Liters), and tire pressure check and top up (Air only).

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R&J Car Care offers Interior Car Cleaning Services across Sage Hill, Rocky Ridge, Coventry Hills, Redstone, Huntington Hills, Bowness, Thorncliffe, Falconridge, Pineridge, Marlborough, Downtown, Inglewood, Forest Lawn, Foothills, Dover, Discovery Ridge, Springbank Hill, Signal Hill, Lakeview, Chinook, Acadia Valley & Riverbend, Calgary.

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